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Coming Events at the Learning Centre

Regular Events

Wednesday Meditation and supper. This month we will have 3 different facilitators.

  1. 6th February, by special request, we have Gina again teaching us Shamanic tools. We will learn how to tune into our original source of energy given to us on conception and much more.

  2. 13th February is facilitated by Isobel Edward-Moon. "Come and hear about The Great Council of the Grandmothers, these are not the thirteen earth mothers. This group of wise women from all cultures and races appeared to Sharon McErlane (American psychotherapist), whilst she was walking her dog on the beach. People walking past Sharon could not see the Grandmothers. Only Sharon could. They told Sharon that "the earth has suffered too long from an excess of yang and insufficient yin (feminine energy)...we have come to correct this. It is time to return to balance, and for this, women must lead".

  3. 20th and 27th February, we have our very popular Heidi Bartz. The meditations will be about supporting us to anchor into the foundations of the new earth. Meditation, prayer, healing and support from the masters, the angelic realms, our galactic family, the crystal and elemental beings, and our I Am Presence. We will remove the veil from our beautiful eyes and see and feel ourselves for who we are- Beings of Love, Truth, Joy, Abundance, the embodiment of our I Am Presence.

Time: 6.30 to 9pm.
Cost: $10 inclusive of supper.

Art Class with Robert Todonai on the last Saturday of each month

You will create an oil painting that you will be so proud to show to your friends and family. Even if you have never painted before. Tod is a calm and very supportive teacher. Please ring for subject of painting. Time: 9.30 to 5pm. Cost: $50. Art material can be supplied at no extra cost.