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Cover of The Science-Art of the 21st Century Renaissance

The Science-Art of the 21st Century Renaissance
by Robert Pope

Soft cover
size: 29.5cm x 21.5cm, 116 pages

This new book contains three important facts concerning human survival that have come to light since the publication of the Centre’s book ‘The 21st Century Renaissance’, launched in 2012, validating its human survival message. (Ltd edition 250 - hard cover collector’s book - $100)

In 2012 the Centre's collector's book The 21st Century Renaissance, proposed that Einstein had derived his theory of relativity from ancient Babylonian mythological mathematical intuition. Since publication three items of interest add to the validity of its message.

Firstly, the 1957 New York University Library of Science published a book entitled Babylonian Myth and Modern Science, which stated the Einstein had derived his theory of relativity from Babylonian mythological mathematics. America's champion of Liberty, Ralph Waldo Emerson, wrote that the Babylonian mathematics was bringing about the collapse of the American financial system, because it had no living energy mathematics supporting it.

The Centre's colleague, Doctor of international economic law, wrote in the first book about Immanuel Kant's electromagnetic theory of perpetual peace on earth failing to uphold the sustainability of the League of Nations. Kant was a central figure during the Science-Art electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science and the first book carried the message of how to upgrade its great social message.

Secondly, 2002 Harvard University, Massachusetts University and the Royal Danish Consulate held an international symposium to bring to the world's attention of the importance of the social message of the Golden Age of Danish Science. They noted that it had been mostly written in Danish and not translated, making it invisible to English speaking scholarship. The first book had made this crucial message visible. The first book explained how Sir Isaac Newton did not have a mechanical world-view as we have been taught during the 20th Century as the basis for quantum mechanics, and that the Golden Age of Danish Science had upgraded his work.

Thirdly, since the first book was published, its proposal that Newton's gravitational force was a spiritual (holographic) one evoking emotional consciousness, was validated. He had as published this message in his little known 2nd Edition (English not Latin) of his famous journal, Opticks. The Golden Age of Danish Science gave his theories living properties. Quantum mechanics, which is a lifeless science, could not do this. Whether or not Newton was right or wrong is not important. Western science has been built on the completely false assumption that Newton had a totally clockwork, mechanical world-view.

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Cover of the 21st Century Renaissance book

The 21st Century Renaissance
by Robert Pope

Limited edition (250 copies) hardcover
size: 36cm x 26cm, 121 pages

Our current science contains a ticking time bomb - an obsession with the second law of thermodynamics; the law of universal destruction. The ancient Greeks had warned that such an obsession with 'evil' materialistic science would lead to our extinction. This book shows how the American Constitution was based upon the materialistic physics and geometry of Isaac Newton, which, as warned by the ancient Greeks, is leading to our destruction. Newton, however, had written of a more profouond philosophy, one which probed the principles of the movement of particles, similar in concept to the ancient Greek 'nous' of Anaxagoras; a whirling force that transmitted wisdom to the soul. So, what is needed urgently in our time, to steer us from our inevitable course to oblivion, is to reawaken the lost 'science of the soul'.

Limited edition copies are signed and numbered
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Cover of the book C P Snow and the NASA High Energy Project

C P Snow and the NASA High Energy Project
by Robert Pope

The Florentine New Measurement of Humanity Project supports the thrust of the paper, C P Snow and the NASA High Energy Project, as a program to develop a creative new way of thinking. This is deemed necessary, in order to change the now obsolete contemporary global culture; to create a new culture driven by redefined concepts of science and art, which, until today, has been bound by a reductionist, mechanical paradigm.

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Cover of the book The True Meaning of the da Vinci Code

The True Meaning of the da Vinci Code
by Robert Pope

This book exposes da Vinci as an “Unbalanced genius” who, by “inadvertently” obscuring the “principle of creation” helped bring into existence a mechanistic mindset that is now accelerating a global crisis of destruction. He made the ultimate mistake by suggesting that all of the universe could be made visible to human perception, and yet the Greeks, and other ancients before them, identified with a universal reality in which harmonious, invisible atomic movement generated divine wisdom.

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Getting to know Australia - Tips for Asian Migrants, book by Irene Tai Kam Brown

Getting to Know Australia. Tips for Asian Migrants
by Irene Tai Kam Brown

Reference book on Asian culture and way of life, written simply for Asian migrants. It is written in Chinese as well (at the back), and contains information necessary to conduct everyday living in Australia. It is a great starting point for assimilation into Australian Society.

The book is soft cover, 110 pages of quality white paper.

Price: $25.00 + p/h

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