The Science-Art Centre

Initiating the 21st Century Renaissance

Artworks of the Science-Art Centre Artists

The main Science-Art Centre artists are:

Their Science Art paintings are catalysts to introduce Science Art Philosophy and the current Science Art findings to the public. They possess aesthetic beauty that can nourish one's soul, scientific information to expand the inquisitive mind and to take one to another dimension of space and time.

'Fractal Precession' by Robert Todonai
'The Crucible' by Robert Todonai
'Fractal Time' by Robert Todonai
'Iterata Infinitum' by Robert Todonai
'The Social Cradle' by Robert Todonai
'Spirals of the Serpent' by Robert Todonai
'Door to an Infinite Reality' by Robert Pope
'Creative Physics Emerging' by Robert Pope
'The Future Nous Ethos' by Robert Pope
'Summum Bonum' by Robert Pope
'Dilemma of the Templar Quintessence' by Robert Pope
'A More Profound Philosophy' by Robert Pope
'Fractal Evolution to Infinity' by Chris Degenhardt
'Ethical Electromagnetic Icons of the New Renaissance' by Chris Degenhardt
'Cosmic Fractal' by Chris Degenhardt
'Quantum Entanglement' by Chris Degenhardt
'Treasure Map' by Chris Degenhardt
'Fractal Expansion' by Chris Degenhardt