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Il Nuovo Cimento

During the 1980s Robert Pope established a research program proposed to him by China's highest awarded physicist, Kun Huang. Working with Chris Illert on ethical optical physics principles were Dr Trevor Douglas, Dr George Cockburn, Robert Todonai Robert Pope. The above papers by Chris Illert were published by Italy's leading scientific journal forming the basis of Chris Illert's important discoveries of the 20th Century. The cerebral optics involved were associated by Cockburn, Todonai and Pope leading to their own important discoveries considered to encompass a revolution of thought as important ot science and society as the Copernican and Newtonian Revolutions. See letter by Foundation Professor and Head of the Dpt. of Applied Mathematics at Australian National University, Professor Barry Ninham, dated Feb 9, 1995.

Note: Regarding the "spiritual values can be expressed quite logically by the geometrics that cause human emotion, and this knowledge allows us to program a computer to obtain our human survival blueprint." Since Robert Todonai and Robert Pope conceived of this proposal it has been discovered that Plato's atomic artistic Science for Ethical Ends embraced the idea that plane geometry contained spiritual (lodestone electromagnetic) information. Visual artistic 3D stereoscopic information now confirms Plato's ideas. Quantum biologists are now using the evidence for implementation of Szent Gyorgyi's 1972 'Letter to Science' advising that no cure for cancer can be obtained by the prevailing entropic science governed by the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

The energy field they were looking for is now identified as the Kantian asymmetrical electromagnetic field evolving within the creative artistic mind. The mention in the above article that Pope and Todonai were working at the University of Sydney in 1986 in collaboration with a cancer research team finally resulted in their discoveries being far more advanced than the $50,000 government grant awarded to Dr Barsamian for his cancer research work.

After Australian scientists overturned their Science-Art project in New York the enraged artists Pope and Todonai went on a tour to the councils shown below to solicit their approval that an alternative Australian Bicentennial Science-Art exhibition be held by the Hollywood Thalian Mental Health Organisation in order to launch the book, Two Bob's Worth to the city of Los Angeles.

Millionaire Magazine, impressed with Pope and Todonai's New Renaissance concepts, published the following article.